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  • Melissa Deaver

5 Guidelines for Selling Your Home with a Solar Array

Solar installations are on the rise across the nation. Many homeowners are investing in this home addition to reduce their carbon footprint, to reduce their energy bill and to have energy security. Not every home is going to be your forever home, and many homeowners have questions and concerns about selling a home with panels.

The great news is that selling a house with solar panels adds an average of 4% to the sale price! In order to capitalize on that 4%+, it's important for homeowners to understand how owning a system may change the selling process.

Here are some guidelines if you are considering selling your home with a solar array:

  • Understand your system - make sure you have a firm grasp of all the details on your array. You'll want to be able to pass this knowledge onto any prospective buyer, and the better you understand the system, the better you can sell that part yourself. Be sure you get familiar with:

Brand and type; size; age; efficiency rating; maintenance history; warranties;

installation permits; financing agreements

  • Highlight the benefits of your system - when listing your home, be sure to list all the benefits of owning an array. With your real-world experience with your specific array, you can share how much you've saved on energy and costs, potential tax incentives and the environmental impact you've made.

  • Understand the ownership structure. If you've financed the panels, you will need to understand the transferability of your loan. If you own them, be sure to communicate that to the next potential homeowner.

  • Narrow down pricing strategy - in addition to the cost of the system, be sure to analyze the cost of installation, savings on electric bills and any applicable rebates so that you can maximize your return.

  • Market this incredible asset to potential homeowners - be sure to make your solar array a focal point of the home. We recommend having savings information on hand, as most buyers will want to see the hard data to back up the claims!

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