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  • Melissa Deaver

Benefits of Solar in Iowa

There are several reasons to go solar in any state, but here are some specific reasons backed with data why Iowa is a great place to make the investment.

  1. Electricity bill savings - The average homeowner in Iowa pays around $107.78 per month for electricity. Annual average savings with solar on a home is $1,293.

  2. Home resale value - Zillow estimates that the average home gains 4.1% in value after solar installation. For Iowans, the average home value is $183,155, so based on this average, a bump of $7,509 can be expected. This estimate can be increased easily depending on the area of the home.

  3. Solar Incentives - in addition to the Federal tax credit available, Iowa has some perks for homeowners as well

-Iowa Solar Easement and Access laws: guarantee homeowners the ability to

install panels regardless of HOA rules.

-Property Tax Exemption: usually an increase in home value would bump up your

property taxes, but in Iowa, this exemption prevents taxes from increasing from

solar panel installation.

-Sales Tax Exemption: Solar equipment and installation is sales tax free

-Net Metering: Required in Iowa, this helps offset energy bills by using energy you

overproduce back to the grid for a credit (see previous blog about this)

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