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  • Melissa Deaver

ISETA - Iowa Solar Energy Trade Association

Did you know that the state of Iowa has an organization dedicated to excellence in safety, quality of workmanship and technical standards? They focus on these things for the benefit of the photovoltaic industry and its clients in the state of Iowa through public policy, public relations and education. They work hard on the legislative side to get bills passed that are for the benefit of all Iowans, whether you are the consumer or the installer.

Members of ISETA are committed to protecting and advancing the rights of consumers and users of solar systems. MidIowa Power is one member of that organization! As we signed up for our membership, we signed a code of ethics, pledging our commitment to providing safe and effective products, accurate information and helpful service. Members range from installers like ourselves to financing companies, utilities, supply chains, and non-profits.

Before you commit to your solar service, we recommend you check out ISETA and their site here. See if your installer has made this commitment to ethical installations!

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