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  • Melissa Deaver

NFL Going Solar

As you can imagine, NFL stadiums use a tremendous amount of power! Not only for game day, but also daily for their office workers, concerts, events, etc. To save money, many NFL stadiums are turning to solar. 23% of NFL stadiums have turned to solar in some capacity, and the trend is on the rise.

The average NFL stadium uses 5-10 MW of electricity for a single game. That's the equivalent of powering 5,000 American homes for the length of the same game.

Check out the top ten stadiums who are leading the way in energy efficiency:

10. Arrowhead Stadium - Home of the Kansas City Chiefs

System size: 25kW; 308 total panels

This system generates about 29,000 kWh of electricity a year.

9. NRG Stadium - Home of the Houston Texans

System size: 180 kW; 600 total panels

This was the first stadium to use LED lights on the football field.

8. Levi's Stadium - Home of the San Francisco 49ers

System size: 375 kW; 1,162 total panels

This stadium has a long-term goal to achieve net-zero usage. They also have 3 unique solar bridges that serve as the entrance and exit.

7. M&T Bank Stadium - Home of the Baltimore Ravens

System size: 400 kW; 1,210 total panels

This system generates about 460,000 kWh of electricity; this accounts for 15% of the team's headquarters' needs.

6. MetLife Stadium - Home of the New York Jets & Giants

System size: 350 kW; 1,350 total panels

This is the only stadium in the US to have its roof lined with solar panels-also known as the "solar ring."

5. CenturyLink Field - Home of the Seattle Seahawks

System size: 800 kW; 3,750 total panels

This spread is over 2.5 acres and covers 80% of the event center roof. This system has reduced their utility costs by 21%.

4. Gillette Stadium - Home of the New England Patriots

System size: 1 MW; 3,000+ total panels

This system covers about 60% of the energy used in the facility.

3. Mercedes-Benz Stadium - Home of the Atlanta Falcons

System size: 1.3 MW; 4,000+ total panels

This system produces 1.6 million kWh of renewable energy annually and reduces their electrical use by 29%.

2. FedEx Field - Home of the Washington Football Team

System size: 2 MW; 8,000+ total panels

This system produces around 20% of the stadium's power needs on game days and 100% of power needs on non-game days.

1. Lincoln Financial Field - Home of the Philadelphia Eagles

System size: 3 MW; 11,108 total panels

This incredible system also incorporates 14 wind turbines. It is also LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) gold certified.

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