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  • Melissa Deaver

Solar Panel Maintenance

Worried about having to climb up on that roof to take care of your new solar panels? Luckily, panels are very durable and require little to no maintenance over their lifetime--25 years or longer! If there are any issues that you cannot address, then the 25 year manufacturers warranty can assist with replacement and repair costs.

In general, solar panels don't need to be cleaned. If you live somewhere with a high rate of smog, dust or dirt, then your solar panel production may dip. These situations require light cleaning to keep the panels receptive to the sun. 1-2 times per year should do the trick. To be safe and sure, you can always hire a professional cleaner.

If you are up for the task yourself, then here are a few easy steps to follow:

  1. Shut off the system

  2. Wipe off the panels with a brush

  3. Use a low-pressure water source to get rid of other particles

  4. Scrub remaining areas softly with a fresh brush

  5. Test the output to see if the efficiency has improved

Enjoy the beauty of a sparkling panel at top production!

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