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  • Melissa Deaver

Solar Power Myths

There is a lot of information out there about solar panels and their potential. As with any topic, there are several prevalent misconceptions or myths around the subject. Here are some of the top myths we've come across:

Solar panels need full, hot sun to function.

While full, direct sun is ideal for maximum power generation, solar panels do work even in cloudy environments. Even when the light is reflected partially or blocked completely by clouds, the panels will still work. Panels are surprisingly even more effective in cooler temperatures than in warm temperatures.

Solar energy will power my home when the electricity goes out.

Without a backup battery and an off-grid system, the solar array will go down when the power goes down, because it is still tied into the grid. When electricity goes out in your area, there are going to be electricians working on the system. It would be incredibly dangerous if the solar array kept working during a power outage, as it could send back electricity to the damaged system and potentially impact those working. If a battery is not in your budget for back up power, we recommend a generator.

Solar panels will damage my roof.

Solar panels actually have the potential to protect your roof! Check out our blog on How Panels Affect Your Roof.

Solar panels are bad for the environment after they stop working.

Solar panels have a 25 year standard warranty, and most actually last 30-40 years. After they are used up, they can be recycled. Some manufacturers even recycle them for free!

Solar panels are too expensive.

Panels are more affordable than ever right now, as more panels have been manufactured and the efficiency has improved. Just over the last decade, prices have been cut roughly in half. Financing through your bank is available, and don't forget about the 30% tax credit from the IRS!

These are just a few of the myths around solar panels and their potential. Call us today if you have any further questions or concerns so we can guide you to your solar solution!

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