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  • Melissa Deaver

Top Solar Gadgets

Solar technology goes well beyond the panels we install on homes and businesses. You can now find this power in many handheld devices and gadgets! Here is a brief guide to several of the gadgets we feel are most useful and a great use of this technology. This list is by no means comprehensive, as the solar-powered gadget list is continually growing!

Solar Chargers

These are becoming more and more ubiquitous and come in many sizes and shapes. They are extremely handy for times when you're camping or traveling, but can also become a staple in your everyday charging to save on electricity. You can find some with USB ports, a regular outlet, phone port, etc.

Solar Backpacks

These specialized backpacks integrate solar technology into the fabric. As you walk around, they take the sun in and transform it into power! These are again very useful when camping or hiking, but also a great resource if you utilize a backpack in your everyday life.

Solar Garden Lights

Lighten your outdoor space without having to run electricity outside with solar powered garden lights. These soak up the sun during the day and light your path at night without ever having to worry about electricity or batteries.

Solar Security Cameras

Safety meets sustainability with solar security cameras. These are a great solution when you are in need of some security in any location that doesn't have access to regular power. Many of these have motion detection, HD video and remote access, ensuring your property will always be protected.

Solar Water Purifiers

These systems are great for when you're going to be in any remote area with questionable drinking water. These gadgets combine solar panels with advanced filtration systems to ensure clean drinking water from any source.

Solar Cooking Devices

There are a couple of ways to cook using solar power! A simple version of this it to create a reflective "hot pot" for your food to sit in and get cooked from the rays. A more complex option is to purchase a solar-electric oven or grill, which runs off electricity that is powered from the panels. This is a great option for cooking food when you don't have access to a fire or other cooking method.

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